FYPDC In Search For New Leadership Team

Did you know that former FYP board members have gone on to become leaders at Fortune 500 companies, prominent members of local Universities, physician leaders in the medical field and pioneers in all areas of the government, community and private sectors?

Have you ever wanted to make a difference and be a part of a greater good? Do you want to work with other people while at the same time create opportunities for your future? If any of these thoughts or ideas inspires you then consider becoming a part of the FYP leadership team. Come out to our next Happy Hour on Wednesday July 16th at Cafe Asia and be sure to ask about the leadership positions which include:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 
  • Cultural Relations Chairs
  • Community Relations Chairs
  • Social Events Chairs
  • Marketing Committee
  • Dragon Boat Chairs

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A Call for Unity in DC: FYP-DC

The Filipino Young Professionals of DC (FYP-DC) encourages the Fil-Am community in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas to come together on June 15th at the Kennedy Center for a benefit concert for the Philippines.

Purchase Tickets through: www.after-the-storm.org

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/afterthestormphilippines 

Official Twitter: @AfterTheStormPI #AfterTheStormPI

FYP-DC: www.fyp-dc.org

Social Media Push for "After the Storm:" A Benefit Concert for the Philippines


Leading up to the "After the Storm" benefit concert for the Philippines on June 15th at the Kennedy Center, we wanted to help do our part to encourage everyone to utilize social media to spread the word.

So, here is a quick tutorial on Facebook & Twitter. Whenever you see posts or tweets related to the concert (#AfterTheStormPI) - IMPORTANT TO USE THAT HASHTAG!, simply like, share, or re-tweet it. Take a quick look on how to invite your friends to like the Facebook Page!

Go to the Official "After the Storm" Facebook Page and "LIKE" it!

Take a look at the yellow-highlighted box: INVITE TO LIKE!

Take a look at the yellow-highlighted box: INVITE TO LIKE!

Make sure to SHARE posts to your Wall or pages you manage!

Make sure to SHARE posts to your Wall or pages you manage!

FOLLOW the official After The Storm Twitter Account: twitter.com/afterthestormpi

FOLLOW this twitter account to get the latest updates!

FOLLOW this twitter account to get the latest updates!



Thank you to Johnross Famisan, a member of the PHC Strategic Communications Committee, to put this together to encourage people to get engaged via social media. He has also included direct links for you to Like/Follow our performers. Give them a shout out and warm thank you for supporting typhoon relief efforts! Who knows, they might just get back to you!

Check out these pages/people on Facebook!

Philippine Humanitarian Coalition

After The Storm – A Benefit Concert For The Philippines


Joshua Bell

Darren Criss

Lou Diamond Phillips

Christine Rocas

Rodell Rosel

Lea Salonga

Check out these pages/people on Twitter!










If you have any other questions concerning Facebook or Twitter, please feel free to contact/friend/follow me (J-Ro Famisan)! I would be more than happy to show you!

Thank you!