FYP-DC Hits Evolve All for a Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Workout

The creative combat class hosted by Evolve All Gym in Ballston, VA was a great way to physically bond with FYP members outside of the monthly happy hours. 

The movements and exercises were advanced and challenging. Excellent instruction was provided by FYP member Herill Manrique.  His fitness and MMA professionalism was apparent as he lead a 1.5 hr class taking 8 FYP members through three different fitness rooms: boxing and muy thai techniques, weightlifting, and circuit training. -Eliot Cashell

Special Shout out to the following people who made this a great event:

Herill Manrique, Instructor at Evolve All
Kat Arwine, Social Chair
Randy Lizardo, President
Eliot Cashell, Treasurer
Kristine Hermoso, Director of Operations
Jenny Dizon, Member
Rodel Berber, Member
Brian Alejandro, Member