Get Ready: 2014 DC Dragonboat Festival May 17 &18

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Click 2013 Recap to see how we did last year!

This year, FYP-DC will be entering a record THREE teams into the 2014 DC Dragonboat Festival taking place along the Potomac River in Georgetown on May 17 & 18.

Check out the festival homepage ( The Lapu Lapu Warriors are on the home page!

The teams will be:

  1. Lapu Lapu Warriors

  2. Rizal Revolutionaries

  3. Fighting Pacquiaos (new boat, no experience required)

Stay tuned for more information regarding costs and practices. Please remember you need to be a 2014 FYP-DC paid member to participate. It's totally worth it! To become a member, go to: 2014 FYP-DC Membership Form & Payment

For more info: